I’ve been writing for years.  I think somewhere around 2004 I jumped into my first blog.  Back then it was a simple Blog Spot blog where I shared about life with four little girls and my thoughts about marriage, mothering and faith.

Over the years I found myself spending time writing under several other names – Fearless Heart Ministries, Simplified Life and Fearless Woman Entrepreneur.  Every blog allowed me to write about a different aspect of my life and the things that were (and are) important to me.

After I started the Bear Creek Enterprises company I stepped away from writing for a while as I got that business off the ground.  When I began to contemplate coming back to write I decided that after all these years it was time write under my own name and bring all those pieces of my experience together.

So I have taken the last couple years of writing and combined them here in this space.  Writing that covers topics such as faith, depression, fear, self care, family, marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship and simple living.

I’m excited to finally have all of who I am in one space and allow God to do whatever he wills with my story and experiences this far.

Here’s a little more about me –


For a large part of my professional life, I have worked in bookkeeping and administration. Early on, I worked for various companies that allowed me to get my feet wet and learn the skills needed to advance in the business field.  

Later, I helped my husband, Brian, manage our first residential construction firm. As a business owner, I gained experience in team-building, management, leadership, marketing, and a myriad of other skills an owner learns as they grow. After 9 years in business, we closed our company as a result of the housing crash and economic downturn that hit our area hard in 2009.

In 2013 I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Counseling from Liberty University.  In 2014 I accepted a job with Liberty University as a full-time staff writer/blogger for one of their online divisions.

In 2015 we relocated back to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to be near family.  Immediately, I jumped back into the world I knew well and began work as a freelance bookkeeper – specializing in organization assistance for companies whose bookkeeping had been neglected for many years. However, it didn’t take me long to realize after 20 years in the bookkeeping industry, I was ready for a change.

In 2016 I decided it was time to quit what no longer brought me life or passion & jump into building a vastly different company.

In July of 2016 I launched Bear Creek Enterprises, Inc.  and focused on the commercial construction market, specifically targeting construction cleaning.  You can read more about that story on Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Site.

In November of 2016, my husband came on board with Bear Creek full-time with the intent to build-out our construction services division.  Within that next year, we expanded from simple construction cleaning to a myriad of services geared toward serving commercial and residential contractors in our area.

During that time, Bear Creek Creative & Salvage was formed as a spin-off to the work we were already doing. This creative and salvage division intends to provide reclaimed wood products to the general public and salvaged wood for commercial installs.

Today, I operate as a Co-CEO, along with my husband, Brian, and oversee the executive functions of the business and manage the back office, HR and marketing aspects of our business.

My Family: 

I met my husband, Brian, in high school. We were both pretty headstrong back then (and still can be). God needed to do some work in our hearts before He brought us together.

This past summer we celebrated 21 years of marriage. We have four daughters ranging from ages 19-14; our oldest in college and our other three in high school.

As a family, we enjoy camping, hiking and playing board games during our Friday night dinners.


I love the outdoors.  Camping, Hiking, Mt. Biking, Running and Snowboarding.  I love gardening, putting up our own food and exploring ways to live more simply and holistically.

I am also a lover of bluegrass music and old country which is usually playing no matter what I’m doing.

I also look forward to farming again one day.  As a young girl I grew up on a dairy farm in Norther New Mexico and I suppose farming found it’s way into my blood.  One day I hope to raise beef cattle, pastured poultry and an assortment of farm animals again.

Mt. Biking on the Mountain – Nothing Like a Spring Mud Run

Exploring Maine w/ my Guy

Snowboarding on the Mountain