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Guest Posting with Dr. Laurel Shaler – “Loving Someone Through Depression”

Today I have the wonderful privilege of guest posting for Dr. Laurel Shaler.  Recently  we meet through a mutual women’s group and right away I could see, from reading her blog, that our hearts are much the same.  We both desire to help those who have been wounded by this life, to find healing and wholeness.

A bit about Laurel – “As a counselor, professor, social worker, speaker, and writer, Laurel Shaler’s goal is to live out the words of Isaiah 61:1-3. To proclaim good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, to release prisoners from darkness, to comfort all who mourn, to bestow joy, and to help others becomes oaks of righteousness as they reach out to others who are hurting.”

Here is just a brief insert from my guest post.  To read the rest simply click on the “READ MORE” tab.  While you are there be sure to read through some of Laurel’s encouraging post such as “Space & Grace” and “The Surprising Thing I am Learning to Love” – both are full of challenge and encouragement.


Depression. It’s not an easy subject.

It’s not easy for those of us who have lived it, and for those of us who have loved someone going through it. It’s a tough conversation to have, and yet, as I look at the world around us the need cries out. People are hurting, wounded and in despair. Every day we lose people to depression, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. These kind of conversations allow us to start doing something about those losses. To address how depression really effects all of us. To talk about Hope in the midst of it all.

Healing from depression is one of those tricky things…..  READ MORE 


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