Somewhere around 2004 I jumped into my first blog.  Back then it was a simple “Blog Spot” blog where I shared about life with four little girls and my thoughts about marriage, mothering and faith.

Over the years I spent time writing under other names – Fearless Heart Ministries, Simplified Life and Fearless Woman Entrepreneur.  Every blog allowed me to write about a different aspect of my life and the things that were important to me.

In 2016 I stepped away from writing as I got a new business off the ground.  However, as I began to contemplate coming back to write I decided that after all these years it was time write under my own name and bring all those pieces of my experience together.

This blog is the culmination of those years and I’m excited to finally have all of who I am in one space.  It’s time to allow God to do whatever He wills with my story and life experiences.

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This is a space with no tag line because I’m honestly not sure how to sum up life in one simple sentence.

Like you, my own life is made up of a number of different facets.

  • Wife – Married to Brian the last 21 years.
  • Mom – Of 4 amazing daughters currently in their teen and college years. (Yes, our house is hormonal and crazy)
  • Lady Boss – I’m the Founder and Co-CEO of Bear Creek Enterprises, Bear Creek Creative & Salvage and Bear Creek Studio Trailers.  (1 Company, 3 Divisions)
  • Imperfect Christ Follower – The older I get the more I know this to be true.  I fail Christ on a regular basis. I sin. I forget whose I am. I doubt. I worry. I forget to speak softly. I get angry. I am imperfect and yet Christ loves me anyway.
  • Broken – A few years ago I hit a point of complete overwhelm.  I was so busy being mom, wife, business owner and ministry partner that I let myself get completely overloaded and overwhelmed.

In turn I crashed hard. I lost deeply.  Friendships changed. I no longer knew who I was. I hurt. I was lost. Panic visited me often and anxiety became an unwelcome friend.

Clinical depression and PTSD was the diagnoses . Brokenness became my identity. Loneliness stayed a constant companion.

  • Healed – God began to slowly teach me how to live again. How to be a wife and mom again. To thrive in my business. To share my story.

I began to learn about simplifying life.  Stuff. Schedules. Relationship. Faith. Business.  It was all affected because it’s all intertwined.  It’s like learning to walk again.

And that’s what you will find here. Inklings of first steps and rumblings of hitting full strides.

  • Stories about God’s faithfulness, healing and new life.
  • Lessons from traveling the road of depression, anxiety and PTSD and the healing that is possible.
  • Simplifying Life & Practical tips for your home – from recipes to DIY’s
  • Life as a Lady Boss – navigating work and family, caring for employees and the challenges of running a business.

If any of this resonates with you then this blog is for YOU and I welcome you to the Journey!