When your Schedule gets Hijacked: 2 Simple Strategies for Staying On Track

The last two weeks I’ve been writing about the importance of Balance in our lives.

But what happens on those days when your best laid plans go haywire?  When your schedule is laid out and just as you sit down the phone rings and the message on the other end completely hijacks your day?

As a woman in business, as well as a wife and mom, hijacked days seem to occur rather frequently.  Sometimes it’s my girls on the other end or a call that I’m needed at one of our construction jobs or at the office to work with staff.

I used to get frustrated at the interruptions and yet felt guilty because I knew these other things were important too.  The reality is that I’m still a mom of four active daughters AND the owner of a construction company that has daily deadlines both on and off the field.

Knowing I didn’t’ want to keep battling the frustration I took an afternoon to do some internal inventory.

Often when an external emotion – like frustration – rears its ugly head, often a deeper root issue is the driver.  As I contemplated that afternoon I realized that the source of my frustration was not in the interruption but rather the things I was allowing to be sacrificed because of the interruption.

So I asked myself this simple question:  What are the two most important things that must happen in my day for it to feel like a success? Even if nothing else on my work “to-do” list gets done, what must happen for me to be ok with the end of my day?

First, my Meditation-Prayer time and my daily run need to be priority.  If these two simple things happen, even if they are shorter than planned, I find that my frustration melts away.

Secondly, I reminded myself that today was only one day. Tomorrow is a new day with fresh possibilities.

Over the last few years I have realized the importance of taking time to nourish my overall health – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  When I do, my Business and Life thrive.  When I don’t it all suffers.  However, it often can be the first thing I sacrifice in the name of trying to salvage a hijacked day.

The reality is that there are days that will not go as planned and days where you feel like your schedule has been hijacked. When it does try these two strategies and see if they help your day end in success.

2 Simpel Strategies For Staying On Track:

  1. Ask yourself – What is the 1 or 2 things that need to happen in my day for it to feel like a success? Then do them.
  2. Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day.  We can’t always control what hijacks our day but we can control our attitude and outlook to it.

It’s up to you.  Choice wisely.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (Luke 12:25 – NIV)


If you missed the first two post in this series you can find them here:  “The Myth of Balance: Finding True Footing in a Chaotic World” and “3 Reasons To Manage The Yes’s In Your Life.”




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  1. colleen arnold
    colleen arnold says:

    Great advice! As a doctor, mom, widow, and writer my schedule can feel out of control quite often. As long as my patients and daughters are cared for, all I need is prayer time and my 10,000 steps. The rest can wait till tomorrow!
    (your neighbor at Purposeful Faith)

  2. Victoria Mininger
    Victoria Mininger says:

    Thank you Colleen for stopping in and for sharing what two things are most important in your day. Your right, there are so many things that can wait until tomorrow if we will just allow them too. Sometimes I think the guilt we place on ourselves is worse than not getting the task done. Thanks for the vote of encouragement.


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